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4th-Oct-2011 12:29 pm - Now on ALT: Airport Lounge Time!
Holy crap, has it been almost two years since I last posted?  That's what dialup will get you (that is to say: a lot of attempts at page loading, followed by a lot of curse words, followed by vows to never try again).  Meh, I mostly use it to read fic, anyway.  

That said, since I am in the city for a few hours (Ottawa, on route to TO, on route to Thunder Bay, on route to Sioux Lookout) I actually have high speed!  I'm on SPEEEEEEEED~!

(Still jealous of the cityfolk and their fancy cellphones/tablets/espresso drinks, though.)

Work at the library is on a temporary hold, as the next contract doesn't start until Nov. 1.  Handed in the world's best resume to apply for the job yesterday, before it's even been posted!  My objective is to to establish a foothold position from which to launch my planned world coup.
My past jobs include: Assassin (Oyaranka Ninja Clan, 2008-11), Blacksmith's Assistant (Old Forge Inc., 2008-09), Pastry Chef (H.P. Smedley School of Culinary Arts, 2007), Raised Orphans for Fun & Profit (Kathmandu, Nepal), and Whale Trainer (Carthage Aquarium).

I've volunteered, too!  I supervised the Sistine Chapel Restoration, was a volunteer lexicographer (for the OED), and organized the Free Pie Project.  I've also been canonized (preobitously), am part cyborg, can speak Luxemburgish, and have an honourary Master's Degree in Awesomeness.  References are unfortunately unavailable (especially when I worked for CSIS, all of which is classified intell, natch).

I was bored, okay?  And I did hand in a real one, too.  Because I am a RESPONSIBLE ADULT.  

-Watching planes take off/come in.  I read an Archie comic once where Reggie takes Veronica on a date to the airport, which she was really upset about, but I would totally date Reggie if he took me to watch planes.  (Maybe not, 'cause he's a bit of an ass, but still...)
-People watching
-Cute boy watching (sorry, is that objectification?)
-Rereading ridiculous old journal posts (from the  end of 1st year uni!)
-This particular song shuffle; good job, ipod!
-Being in a place that is actually multicultural...the Valley, this is not.
-My back doesn't hurt right now!
9th-Nov-2009 02:24 pm - post to prove i'm still alive
FATE charlie
every time i try to update, i start writing a post, get halfway through and realize how totally LAME it is.

i miss awesometimes in uni. 
2nd-Jul-2009 05:51 pm - bffs
kick it with my ninjas
y'know what i love? friends.
got a chance to catch up with steds and mae on ze telephones, and have plans to meet up with The JP over the weekend.
this makes me happy.


4th-Jun-2009 04:28 pm - sleeeeeeeeeep!
couldn't sleep last night AT ALL despite my Very Important Meeting Day today. instead, i planned out all the possible ways to crossover supernatural and pushing daisies. mostly around pie, because dean loves his pie.

now, home to bed!
3rd-Jun-2009 02:32 pm - who do you love? GHOSTBUSTERS!
Name your 15 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms. (Do not try to put them in any kind of order if this will cause your brain to implode and eat up hours of your life. - Ed)

In no particular order...
1. Dean/Castiel (Supernatural) - my current mustreadeverythingyay OPT
2. Sam/Dean (Supernatural)
3. House/Wilson (House) - because you know it's true
4. Dean/Seamus (Harry Potter)
5. Ned/Chuck (Pushing Daisies)
6. Fitz/Fool (although fandom for The Farsser/Tawny Man trilogies is almost nonexistant)
7. Booth/Bones (Bones)
8. Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
9. Kirk/Spock (Star Trek) - my first ever intro to slash. *is nostalgic*
10. Usaki/Mamoru aka Serena/Darien aka Serena/Endymion (Sailor Moon) - my first ever intro to fanfiction
11. Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter) - my first ever OTP
12. George/Lee aka Glee (Harry Potter)
13. Harry/Draco (Harry Potter) - especially at christmas time
14. Rosencrantz/Guildenstern (Hamelet...is there a Hamlet fandom? hmm... *off to search*)
15. Hodgins/Angela (Bones)

also: Gilbert/Anne (Anne of Green Gables), Nodame/Chiaki (Nodame Cantabile), Haruhi/Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Rukia/Ichigo (Bleach), Zuko/Katara(Avatar: The Last Airbender), Mizuki/Sano (Hana Kimi), Howl/Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle - both novel and movie)

what i have learned about this:
for het pairings, i tend to go with canon (the only difference being Zuko/Katara).
no f/f pairings, alas. mostly, i think, because girls on tv suck. and the really awesome ones don't have anyone really awesome to be paired up with.
and i like pairings that have some canon basis justification for their existence, instead of some weird match-up that has no evidence to back it up. (although i have zero problem saying screw canon when it interferes with the world inside my head).

so, there.
i have self-analyzed.

PS: forgot to mention my undying love of star trek. awesome. i love how the interwebs have once again exploded!
14th-May-2009 06:05 pm - SPN
SPN umbrella love
dear "supernatural,"
please stop ruining my life. yesterday, i was listening to my ipod when "who's got the hooch" by everlast and HAD TO SKIP AHEAD because the line "till the water breaks the levee" reminded me of the last SPN episode, "when the levee breaks." and i didn't want to be reminded! i want to forget entirely about it until everything gets happy and sunshiney again. (...yeah.)
also, please bring back the castiel who loves dean more than god. i don't like badass cas. (hee hee, rhyming is fun!)

thank you.

27th-Feb-2009 02:08 pm - princess bride
kissing book
dear xkcd,
thank you for making my life.

10th-Feb-2009 04:41 pm - co-workers
SPN umbrella love
um, right. so, the library just got brokeback mountain on DVD for our collection. huzzah! unfortunately, this initiated a conversation with my co-workers about queer issues and the whatnot. and this is where the problems began.

co-worker #1 said that she was fine (sorta) with the "whole idea of gays" but wouldn't accept her own child if he "decided" to be gay. eventually, she said she MIGHT be able to accept her son, but never his partner.

co-worker #2 went even further - she doesn't believe in homosexuality. she thinks it's the individual's choice. she believes that god makes each individual, and that He makes them straight.

neither, of course, believe that same-sex couples should be able to adopt, in case they push their own "agenda" on the child.

i can't even begin to put into words how ROYALLY PISSED OFF this makes me. i realize i live in an extremely conservative area. i understand that this means that i am pretty much surrounded by people with opinions which are different from mine. i even believe that diversity is wonderful, and other viewpoints are equally valid, this is what makes for such an interesting world. except. except i DON'T believe that anyone could possibly hate someone for being gay. i'm not asking that everyone be into slash fiction, hold hands and sing happy songs of happiness, but for the love of all that is good in this world, just accept that love is love, no matter its form!

i'm sure there are a zillion more eloquent ways i could put my thoughts, but, quite frankly, i'm a little to upset to do so. during the course of our conversation, i listed to their opinions, stated my own, got disbelieving looks from the co-workers, and we had to stop talking about it because there was no way any of us were about to change our minds.

i'm honestly on the verge of tears, and don't feel the slightest bit guilty for using work time to blog. just - ARG!
29th-Jan-2009 04:59 pm - mostly for mae and steds
caught both jennifer and hugh (who was supposed to have a research day, but was randomly in for meetings).

jennifer first.
me: hi! do you remember me? i'm ja -
j: of course! come in! how are you? what can i do for you? what've you been up to?
me: blah blah blah. i have a favour to ask you.
j: a favour?
me: explains.
j: of course! what would you like me to say?
me: (stunned by ease of acceptance) blah blah blah
j: what do you plan to do with your degree?
me: blah blah rural libraries, catch kids early, solid foundation, blah blah
j: wow, i'm really impressed with your ideas. i like to see grassroots attempts, and we really do need to get children reading more now...i'll have your first one done in a week.
me: (now more stunned) um, okay, wow, thank you.... (screaming in my head- OMG! I LOVE YOU!)

report success back to ali in the AHCL office. happy dance.

in walks hugh.

h: YOU'RE here?
me: yup. hi! i thought you weren't in today.
h: meetings.
me: oh, i see.
h: why don't we have a chat?
me: sure! sounds lovely!
h: give me five minutes to buy a coffee, and meet me in my office?
me: hmmm...i might take seven minutes...
h: smartass. (to ali) you'd better not be taking any lessons from her...
ali: too late!
EIGHT minutes later...
h: so what've you been up to?
me: library, home, blah blah
h: and your plans for next year?
me: blah blah library school
h: can i write a reference letter for you?
me: (nonchalantly) sure. thanks. (secretly is wondering WHAT THE HECK? is it supposed to be this easy????)
h: no problem. let's talk about libraries.
me: okay.
(hugh asks all sorts of difficult and probing questions to ensure my enthusiasm. i counter with stories of how pleased i am my little juvenile delinquents are now stealing books rather than food. he is awed by my awesome powers of influence. we also discuss the shocking failure of people today to have even the slightest passing knowledge of literature, my plans to go to istanbul in april..)
h: turkey! awesome! go talk to sean! he knows istanbul best.
me: okay. see you later. thanks!
h: no problem!

i go to see sean, who gives me specific names of places to stay and friends' phone numbers to call in case of any problems. i love our profs!

also caught up with mommy, shalini, jana (the other one), and saw steds' shannon at haasleton's.

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

PS: (then, on my way home, going around a corner, i did a full 360 into a snowbank. weeeeeee! car's fine, i'm fine, and i heart CAA!)
27th-Dec-2008 12:34 pm - thoughts
SPN umbrella love
written Dec. 23, posted today at work (aka: the land of the internets)

Tonight I got to thinking about how much thought and effort we put into little things, like REALLY little things. I spent a good day at the beginning of the month deciding which of the four advent calendars Mum brought was going to be mine. Did it matter? Would the chocolate taste different? Would I have a better month or a worse one if I chose differently?
And presents. I spend a lot of time deciding on gifts for people (and I usually bugger it up anyway) and chances are this time next year, they won’t even remember what they got or who gave it to them. Besides, can you really summarize everything you think about a person into an item? And if you get it really wrong, do they think that you don’t know them as well as you thought you did?
And then I think that it’s all useless.
Except it’s the little things that make up a life. The tiny decisions that change everything. I treasure tiny little gifts from the people I love, regardless of whether they meant to give it to me or not. Just as often as not, I endow an empty candy wrapper with as much sentimentality as a carefully selected piece of expensive jewelry, or a stocking stuffer with as much affection as my “big” present.
I think I like it that way. That you never know what is important and what isn’t. That you can choose to make something important and valuable.
18th-Dec-2008 07:15 pm - Responsibilities?!?
Yours truly is currently the ONE and ONLY librarian in the BU public library!
usually on thursday nights, pam and i work it together, but she had a family semi-emergency so she and jen left me to man the place on my own!
i think this means that i am a grown up!
5th-Nov-2008 02:39 pm - awesomeness abounds!
how excited am i!? yesterday might possibly have been the best day evah! obama as president-elect! woah. i’m so so so so happy the states got their act together and didn’t screw this one up. my dad even stayed up past midnight to watch the victory speech! (this is a huge deal. really.)
…and in less worldly news, but of equal thrills, i was given a key to the library! (to quickly rewind: i got an intern job at the local library a couple days ago, and am currently on day three of work!) the immense power and awesomeness that is having a key to my favourite place on earth is completely unbelievable!

so, a good day.
24th-Sep-2008 05:00 pm - lotsa things..
believe in commas
hello again, world!

i have recently returned from my wonderful adventure out west. the sister and i flew to vancouver at the beginning of september, hung out there, went to the wedding of my almost-sister (of course, i bawled like a baby), and then drove home with the parental units!
we all survived, so i consider it a complete success!
it's reeeealy nice to be home again, though. road-tripping with the entire family does not really make for an appropriate amount of me-time.
also, it's COMPLETELY internet free instead of merely a world of dial-up.
who knew things could get worse?

AND it means that i missed the season premiers of supernatural, house, AND bones (actually, four whole eps of bones)! in a word: WOE!

but fear not, i am attempting to remedy the situation as we speak, what with episodes of all three buffering and thinking and plugging along!
NB: the public library is your friend!

oh, and speaking of libraries, i visited UBC's SLAIS program, and it was way cool! i got to sit in on a guest lecture, and felt so at home and comfortable, and i got to chat to people (not as much i would like to, because the sister was looking woefully out of place) and it was all so LOVELY!
hearts all around on that front!

and now am hopefully off to head home with my nicely loaded tv and make dinner and enjoy wednesday after a long day of harvesting pine. hard work, but at least i got to wear my hip-waders!

love love to all!
22nd-Jun-2008 01:19 pm - bugs, bugs, bugs
kick it with my ninjas
i know i haven't updated in forever (being home sucks balls) but i saw a lot of lightning bugs tonight.
somethings you just have to share. like lightning bugs on a moon-bright night.
7th-Mar-2008 04:08 pm - just another day in the office
today at work i read porn.

i heart my job.
5th-Mar-2008 10:07 am - boring mcboringson
-woke up, thought i was insanely late, so rushed out of the house without taking the shower i had intended to
-on the way to the bus, realized i had forgotten my homework and would need to print it out at school again
-waiting for the bus realized it was actually an hour early. frick.
-nice leisurely breaky of egg mctrent, homefries and coffeeeeee. wasted time and relaxed.
-actually finished my homework for kid's lit
-printed it out and zipped off to class
-class is cancelled. of course.
-constantinople seminars are also cancelled.
-i was okay with all of this, however, because i had a meeting to prepare for tomorrow's presentation on "daphnis&chloe," but my partner...you guessed it! cancelled!

so, i'll be on campus for almost ten hours, all for one hour of class and two hours of work.

all i can say is that i blame the snow. stupid frozen bits of water!
24th-Feb-2008 12:35 am - book!
guess who just bought a signed copy of ella young's "the weird of fionavar"! it's TRUE!

i realize this is probably way too obscure and geeky for most folks out there, but it's the book fionavar leaves for findabhair in the dublin bookshop in the original version of "hunter's moon" (not the version in "the golden book of faerie") by OR Melling (who i love sooooo much she gets her name in capitals!)

*fangirl spaz*

this means that i will now be compulsively checking my postbox for the next month or so until it comes in, because i have been waiting for almost 13 years to find a copy of this book. that's almost half my life!

12th-Feb-2008 01:57 pm - CHEESE!
FATE charlie
so, continuing the randomness that is my life:
steds went to get the mail today, and in our mailbox was
a) a letter informing her that a package has arrived for her
b) a block of old cheddar cheese and
c) a bottle of mustard.

thanks, food fairy!

also, our newly re-floored kitchen makes me queasy. clearly, i was never meant for a life in the circus!
31st-Jan-2008 04:16 pm - sick and tired.
kissing book

i hate colds!

i'm sitting in the library with a cup of lemon tea, some fisherman's friends and package of halls and surreptitiously using my scarf as a tissue because i'm all out.

screw homework, i'm going home so i can rest up enough for trivia tonight.
15th-Jan-2008 01:41 pm - steds quotes
kick it with my ninjas
these have been lurking on my computer, and wish to see the light of day. voila!

"a little robot goes a long way" - the truth about life

" you look like a perky, small woodland creature." - steds on my Magic Pigtails

"you're a porn star taller than me!" - steds on height

"i need more fetishization in my life" - steds

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