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eight reasons to be happy 
15th-Mar-2007 08:11 pm
sooo many exciting things going on today.

cabbage and i are heading over to "have an adventure" at laura the second's house! and by "adventure" i mean celebrate the return of supernatural!!!

today is the ides of march. geekboys and i had a wonderful debate over whether it should be celebrated or mourned. i suggest everyone eat caesar salads today, and the geekboys took it to the next level and suggest caesar salads AND caesars. i'm pretty sure by the time they left class they were heading out to go do exactly that. which is precisely why i HEART classics. they bring me closer to the geekboy population of the world!

i had my weekly sasha date today, and she told me the funniest joke. ready? okay: what is the only boat that doesn't sink? friendSHIP! whahahahaha. yes, i realize i am a nerd, thanks very much.

i added metatarsus as my friend, because, well, we are friends in real life (for three whole years!) and i thought i might be time to bring our friendship to the next level.

i had a "meeting" with stephen brown (aka master brown) yesterday, in which we didn't discuss anything scholarly, but instead he told me hilarious stories. such as the one about the archeology professor he once had who gave measurements in numbers of "spouses," "brats," and "hegglebeasts." spouses were equal to the height of his wife, brats equal to the size of his kids, and hegglebeasts were named after his TA, who had the unfortunate luck to have the last name "heggle." i found this all extraordinarily funny, and spent almost an hour in his office. we are now friends. (this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you maintain your 80% averages.)

i finished the tobin/tamir trilogy last night at midnight. although i think i prefer the "luck in the shadows" trilogy, i did enjoy it very much (as evidenced by the three fun books in one week)! i'm fascinated by flewelling's gender-related issues, and she weaves a good story, too.

yesterday was pi day. i celebrated by not going anywhere near maths. which is how i celebrate most days, really. tomorrow, however, i am very excited for st. urho day! huzzah, it is a wonderful wonderful wonderful time of year!

i can't believe i almost forgot: i got a one-week extension on my augustan essay! actually, the whole class did, but it means i won't have two essays due the last day of class, and that relieves quite a bit of stress! *does armchair dance*

oh, i think cabbage might actually almost sorta be ready to hit the road. YAY, supernatural!
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